Cottontech Pty Ltd

ABN 56 083 703 360

Cottontech is a Brisbane based technology supplier servicing a niche clientele with personal and bespoke products and services from all brands and areas of technology including, as well as specialising, in Dell and Microsoft. Our principal public facing online presence is featured below.

Please visit our eBay store for a selection of clearance Toner & Ink products that sell at usually half the usual online price. Limited brands and stock as these are shop soiled or imperfectly packaged brand new genuine products:

We also host these additional favourite features created by the author:
Over 10,000 visits and #1 Google search result for this classic image editor called Microsoft Image Composer. Still a favourite for many for it's functional ease of use
Brand new (May 2019) utility written out of frustration with the NumLock key phantom menace. Now you to can enjoy your Numeric Keypad without constantly having to swear at the NumLock key


We welcome your emails ( or please call us directly on +61(0)418470430

Cottontech uses Hosting Australia for all internet services. Their support and services have remained outstanding for over a decade

Please visit them today by following this link: